About Me

Priyadarshini Shetty

As a former corporate lawyer, Priyadarshini worked on several transaction documents, diligences, investigations and litigations, where she saw so much precious time was spent doing mundane and repetitive work. While this was no surprise, she dug a little deeper and found that technology already existed for most of these rote tasks! If the tech was already out there, why was no one using it? Upon inquiry with a few lawyers, it was clear that several lawyers did not know what solutions were available, how effective they were and whether it made sense to purchase the solution after doing a cost/benefit analysis. This inspired Priyadarshini to launch her own legal tech consultancy services in 2017 through her brand Elliot which advises lawyers on their digital transformation journey.

Through her work at Elliot, she realised that there was a lot more awareness and advocacy that was required to be built around legal tech to enable its adoption on a large scale and that is what Walchet aims to do. Walchet’s vision is to be your go to hub on anything legal tech including product reviews, industry trends, insights and analysis. Better still, we will cover what you want! Please do write to us in the Contact section if you want us to address a topic, interview a person, review a product or anything else legal tech and we will get started.