Harnessing Generative AI: An Innovator’s Primer of LegalTech Products

Exploring Generative AI tools can be overwhelming.

Our primer is your gateway to simplifying your journey.

We showcase 25 different Generative AI-powered legal tech tools, sorted by use case and customisation. We have distilled their capabilities and features based on publicly available information as of April 2024.

There’s something in it for everyone.
Are you a legal decision-maker? Obtain a ready-made starting point to explore tools for your needs to gain a competitive edge.
Are you a lawyer interested in legal tech? Stay in the loop on the latest tools and their capabilities.
Are you a legal technologist, operations professional or a legal innovation team member? Assess the market with a large-level overview of tools and typical consumer demands.
Are you a legaltech founder? Assess the competitive landscape with a brief overview of tools.
Are you an AI enthusiast? Learn about the legal applications of Generative AI.

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Walchet is a legal technology and innovation content initiative, with a mission to educate legal teams about the potential to grow and improve their practice through the adoption of innovative techniques and legal tech solutions.

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