Andrew Wingfield & Peter Impey
No Code/ Low Code Tools for Lawyers

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In this episode, I chat with Andrew Wingfield and Peter Impey about no code or low code tools for lawyers. The points we discuss in this episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below:

1. Introduction (0:09)
2. Importance of Automation in the Legal Industry (1:20)
3. What does no code/ low code mean for lawyers? (2:40)
4. Difference between no code/ low code tools (6:25)
4. Choosing when to use no code/ low code tools (7:40)
5. Challenges in using no code/ low code tools (9:40)
6. Playbook to effectively rolling out a no code/ low code tool (16:02)

Housekeeping Note: We experienced a technical problem with our recording studio because of which Priyadarshini’s audio/ video is not always in sync and it sometimes appears that she is interrupting the other speakers. This is a technical glitch. Do bear with us.

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