Lucy Bassli | CLM Demystified

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In this episode I chat with Lucy Bassli, Founder and Principal at the Innolaw Group about Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems. We discuss some of the fundamental concepts of a CLM system, what it includes, where to start, how to select a vendor and tips on improving adoption of the system. The points we discuss in this episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below:

1. Introduction (0:08)
2. What does a CLM system include? (1:45)
3. Tips for Starting a CLM System (5:55)
4. Focus Areas and Integrations in a CLM system (9:12)
5. Selecting a vendor (14:33)
6. Migration of Existing Contracts (20:14)
7. Adoption strategies for Multiple Stakeholders (24:22)

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