Catherine Bamford | Document Automation 101

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Listen to Catherine Bamford, CEO of BamLegal, break down the basics of document automation for every lawyer. She answers fundamental questions like which documents to start with, who will do the automation, selection of the vendor and many more. The points we discuss in this episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below:

  1. Introduction (0:09)
  2. What documents should one start with when launching a document automation program from scratch? (1:48)
  3. Who typically inserts the automation tools into the precedents, the vendor, an implementation partner or the client? (5:41)
  4. Why do some law firms use more than one automation tool? (8:18)
  5. How do the newer ‘no-code’ tools compare with the traditional document automation tools? (11:27)
  6. What are the things that one should think about when selecting a document automation vendor? (15:33)
  7. How do the document automation tools address complexities within agreements, like changing the entity type, conditional clauses, etc.? (18:56)
  8. What are some of the common workflows that are automated along with the document? (22:45)
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