Rachita Maker | Legal Operations 101

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In this episode I chat with Rachita Maker about the importance of legal operations for legal teams. The specific points we address in the episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below. 

1. Introduction (0:08)
2. Scope of the term ‘Legal Operations’: (1:36)
3. Examples of legal operation functions in corporate legal teams and ALSPs (5:10)
4. Thoughts on Law Firms embracing Legal Operations (6:52)
5. Skill Sets of a Legal Ops Professional (8:52)
6. Importance of Data & Metrics in Legal Operations (12:28)
7. Importance of People and Process Before Technology (18:33)

Housekeeping Note: We experienced a technical problem with our recording studio because of which Priyadarshini’s audio/ video is not always in sync and it sometimes appears that she is interrupting Rachita. This is a technical glitch. Do bear with us.

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