Walchet Spotlight | Luminance Corporate

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In this episode of Walchet Spotlight, we chat with Luke Taylor, Subject Matter Expert at Luminance, to highlight key features of the Luminance Corporate product. Time stamps for points we address in the video are indicated below.

  1. Introduction (0:08)
  2. Product Overview (0:33)
  3. What exactly does the product do? (1:55)
  4. How does AI help in the review of contracts? (3:54)
  5. What are the out of the box documents that Luminance Corporate is already trained on? (8:37)
  6. How does the traffic light review system work when reviewing clauses? (9:59)
  7. Set Up Process for Luminance Corporate (11:24)
  8. Use Cases for Luminance Corporate (14:42)
  9. Pricing (17:18)
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