Dan Dosen | Document Management Systems & the Cloud

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Listen to Dan Dosen, EVP Channel & Alliances at iManage talk about Document Management Systems (DMS) and the Cloud. 
The points we address in this episode and the corresponding time stamps are set out below.

  1. Introduction (0:11)
  2. The first DMS that Dan built for a law firm in 1990 (00:53)
  3. The evolution of the DMS from 1990s till 2022 (5:21)
  4. When does it make sense to shift to the cloud? (13:39)
  5. What does a qualitative assessment of moving to the cloud take into consideration? (19:25)
  6. How does one choose an implementation partner? (23:47)
  7. Dan’s thoughts on the evolution of the partner ecosystem where implementation partners are now also innovating and developing legal tech products. (25:43) 
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