Nicole Giantonio | ALSPs & the Business of Law

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Listen to Nicole Giantonio, Chief Marketing Officer of Elevate discuss how an ALSP functions. We talk about the foundational elements of running a successful ALSP including how to seamlessly run operations across international borders and build trust with your clients. The points we discuss in this episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below:

  1. Introduction: (0:10)
  2. What exactly does an ALSP do? (1:41)
  3.  How does an ALSP maintain the same quality of service when its operations are spread across countries? (4:31)
  4.  What are the factors that a client should take into consideration when choosing an ALSP? (7:38)
  5. How do you get a law firm to feel comfortable outsourcing some of their work to an ALSP? (10:10)
  6. Elevate recently obtained an Alternative Business Structure license from the Arizona Supreme Court. What additional services can an entity provide once it has this license? (14:34)
  7. How do you assess typical concerns (like technology enabled review vs. human review, project management across different countries, etc.) of your client when engaging an ALSP? (16:28)
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