Chuck Davis | Getting Implementation Right for Document Management Systems

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In this episode we chat with Chuck Davis, Managing Director at Morae about implementations for Document Management Systems (DMSs). The points we address in this episode and the time stamps are set out below:

  1. Introduction: (0:11)
  2. Why does a DMS require an implementation? (1:20)
  3. What are the items an end user should think about before implementing a DMS? (5:28)
  4. How does a client prepare for a move from an on-premise DMS to a DMS on the cloud? (10:53)
  5. Please tell us more about your experiences during a migration from one DMS to a different DMS. (14:02)
  6. What are the major driving forces for a corporate legal department to choose a DMS? (17:12)
  7. How does a Contract Lifecycle Management tool complement a DMS in a corporate legal department? (18:29)
  8. What was your first reaction when you received the acquisition offer from Morae for your IT services business? (20:19)
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