Michael Quartararo | E-Discovery Basics

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In this conversation we chat with Michael Quartararo, President of the ACEDS (Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists) about the basics of e-discovery. We address some of the typical questions a client would have when embarking on an e-discovery project. The points we discuss in this episode along with the corresponding time stamps are set out below:
1. Introduction (0:09)
2. What does the process of e-discovery look like? (1:58)
3. What should a customer think about when starting an e-discovery project? (4:29)
4. Who decides which e-discovery software to use? (6:50)
5. What should I be considering when selecting an e-discovery service provider? (8:16)
6. How do you ensure good project management on an e-discovery project with an off-shore team? (10:11)
7. What integrations are typically requested for in an e-discovery project? (13:30)
8. Why is it important to be certified? (16:33)
9. How has the process of discovery evolved? (19:30)

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