Laura Collins Scott | How Can Lawyers Work Smarter?

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Listen to Laura Collins Scot, founder of legal innovation consulting firm Sparkbox, talk about innovative strategies that lawyers should put in place before rolling out legal tech solutions. The points we discuss in this episode and their corresponding time stamps are set out below:

  1. Introduction (0:11)
  2. What types of change do you help with, and what is the process involved? (1:04)
  3. What have you found to be the most effective methods to drive change in the innovation space for lawyers? (6:01)
  4. What are some of the non-tech things that a lawyer can do to improve their productivity? (12:44)
  5. What are some of the people related challenges you encountered when building out Clifford Chance’s innovation lab Create +65 and how did you address those? (18:40)
  6. How can law firms create a sustainable environment of continuous innovation? (23:20)
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